Sareena becomes close to Iltatmish, often playing pranks on him in the same manner as Saniya did with Qabacha 27 years ago. Upon hearing this, Zara takes hesitant steps and is able to walk. We have to wait and see if all the blood shed, violence and extremism in the recent years helps Pakistan become a more tolerant and mature nation. Finally Zara’s dream comes true and she has enough money to buy back her house. Aeman — haha , yes we should plan something too, ke hamare manggi puri ki jaayen. Buqrat Taken as a spoof of Socrates.

The last sequence shows Zara sitting alone in a party surrounded by friends and family as if waiting for somebody; suddenly the sounds and surroundings dim as Zain walks in. Zara awakens to find her family close by but she is not able to speak or move. This led to arguments between the couple and Zara began to overdose, secretly ordering pills from Pakistan. Is very social and lively. If the PM was focused on the wrong questions earlier, his approach to UFG is focusing on the wrong answer. Pakistan wants to change, says US envoy for religious freedom. One of their efforts to buy back their parents’ house leads them to realise what makes a house a home.

Spotlight: Haseena Moin speaks out –

Sanya played by shahnaz sheikh daughter tanhaoyan be OK in fantasy but not in a drama. Even the viewers can make out that the style of writing is not mine.

When I came back I was surprised to see the turn the serial had taken. He is very easy-going, intellectual businessman. However, Zeenia remains bitter, angry and upset with her father and insists on going back to the United States. Drqma are commenting using your Twitter account. Six of the 16 original cast members reprises their roles as Shehnaz Sheikh the female lead in the original has quit acting and the rest have since died.


After 27 years, a sequel named “Olper’s Tanhaiyan: Zarak takes a shine to Zeenia but she initially rejects him.

Saad Salman proposes to Zara and even though the family disapproves, Zara accepts. Nov 25, However, when she enters her house, she is haunted by memories of the past and all the love that she has lost. But I forgave them after they came to my house and apologised, and I have allowed them to continue with the serial.

I also had no idea that a brand was being involved.

If he had agreed to it, things would have worked out. It is a very cut-throat situation. On the contrary it leaves one wondering what the heck is going on with the script and the direction both by the way are in extremely bad taste. Agree with all of you ,this would have been flawless except for so much focus sdrial the zenia zarak track, I feel others did not get enough attention both in the finale and throughout.

The Annual Status of Education Report Though they often lose their way and seem immature at times, but with proper guidance it is these youngsters who will bring about change in our society, and revive our sagging fortunes.

She did not provide us with a reason. Can hardly wait to see my girl Chandni on the silver screen, complete with all her adas and nakhras.

She tells him that she has explained the whole situation to Zain’s father and would be flying off to Canada alone. Saad becomes unsure about Zara after her accident as the doctors are skeptical about her recovery.


If a remake of original Tanhaiyan with similar cast is now made, it may not be liked by all – in my opinion. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. She starts a business to buy her house back and in doing that, drifts away from her family and friends.

Bibi continues to provide humour in the house, often pushing around the new maid in the same way Drxma Begum Azra Sherwani treated Buqrat Jamshed Ansari. This entry was posted in Entertainment.

Olper’s Tanhaiyan Naye Silsaly, Cast with Good Morning Pakistan by Nida Yasir on Ary Digital

Saad becomes unsure about Zara after her accident as the doctors are skeptical about her recovery. It was the Pakistan that i was familiar with in my teenage which proved to be an illusion subsequently. Finding the sponsors took a bit long and the writing was delayed. She goes to Lahore and finalizes the deal. There is disruption outside the house as a mysterious owner is moving into the house next door, the mover turns out to be Qabacha Behroze Sabzwariwho has returned from Dubai and has moved in with his son Iltatmish Shehroz Sabzwari.

Behroze Sabzwari played the role of Qabacha in the previous series of Tanhaiyan and he is known with this name.