Radha’s sari gets spoiled as his hands were smear with batter. He tells them that Ghana is a very nice boy. Ulka’s ex-husband Vinod talks to Ulka about the misunderstandings between him and his second wife. Ulka interrupts saying that he should talk about something he doesn’t know. Radha admits that she felt very nice knowing that she was so important to Devki. Ghana explains to them that it won’t be easy for his wife to leave them after she develops an emotional bonding with the family. Radha makes Ghana wear the ring. Prachi and Mahesh are irritated as the caterers are refusing to take the order as they are quite busy.

Devki fulfills the ritual of gifting a sari to Radha. Avinash permits Radha to leave early. Radha Desai 1 episode, Vinay Apte Vallabh and Digambar come to meet Mahesh. Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 Mahesh asks Prachi to persuade Radha. Mahesh tells Ghana to take good care of Radha.

Mahesh asks Ghana from where got the outfits as he liked it a lot. Radha tells him to allow her to decide how to have the marriage. Vallari scolds him, but Dhyana defends himself.

Just then Pari informs Ghana that Mayi has called for him. Sonia also tells her that Avinash too has come to help Mahesh. Radha Desai Mukta Barve who dudari in an ad agency fires a person for faulty printing. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Ghana explains that it was a practical decision. Radha decides to talk to Ghana, but just then Ghana calls her.


Radha Desai 1 episode, However, Vallabh is shocked to know that Vallari has bought an expensive sari. Prabhat is elated to hear that. They remain firm on their decision to have a registered marriage.

An emotional Devki expresses her happiness.

Kuhu tells her mother that she wishes to wear a sari for Ghana’s engagement. Wach decides to go on a hunger strike until she finds a suitable match. Eka Lagnachi Dusri Ea – Episodes They get upset when he reveals that he has rejected gosta girl. Mahesh notices that his bicycle is missing. The whole ensemble of cast and character’s is just beautiful and amazing. He tries to tell her that he and Radha have broken the alliance, but at the same time he is astonished to see Radha coming with a tray of tea.

Mayi states that she has received an invitation from the heavenly abode. Devki is busy pressing the clothes for the engagement. Supriya tries to suggest to her that they could be overlooking a suitable girl who is around them. Vinod and Avinash introduce themselves to each other.

Devki tells Supriya that everything is finalized. Mahesh tells her that he is a very big fan of hers and wants her autograph.

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Abir Ranade 1 episode, He wants to tell her that he has a big family, but she is unable to follow whatever he tries to say. Avinash announces to the staff members about Radha’s alliance being fixed.

Mayi tries to persuade Ghana to get married. Ghana tells Manav that he is upset because his alliance is broken. When Ghana asks what that was for, Digambar replies that he has chosen a white horse for the wedding procession.


He tells her that they shouldn’t pressurize Ghana or he might call off the marriage. Supriya tells him that she wished to get Ghana and Sumukhi married, but she was scared that Ghana would have rejected her. Mauli realizes that Kuhu is making preparations for her own marriage. After Dhyana leaves, Digambar comes to talk gosjta Ghana. Pari gets irritated when Mauli offers to help her in the kitchen.

Radha and Ghana meet at the restaurant along with their respective parents. Just then Ghana returns home. Mahesh too admires Radha.

Eka Lagnachi Doosri Goshta – Episode 1

She replies that she does as they had spent very happy moments together. Yamuna tells him that she has placed a bet with Ganga and that he should approve of the girl. After the ceremony is over, Mayi declares that the wedding date should be fixed as soon as possible.

Radha thanks them for volunteering.