A door bang coming from the third floor got their attention and when they headed up there they continued to experience noises from dragging to knocking to doors closing. Not long after this they took off in the direction of a shadow figure that shot through the hallway. Previous Episode Ohio Reformatory. Pennhurst’s reach is felt, even from a distance. Ripley’s Believe It or Not 11 Photos. The team will have their hands full covering the acres of paranormal grounds. A rusty boiler housed in the Dietary building.

Home Shows Ghost Adventures Episodes Residents used to jump from these very windows to escape. Debris lines the floors in many of the buildings. The state hospital was originally built to house six to seven hundred, so living conditions became very tight. Previous Episode Ohio Reformatory. Kay’s Hollow 11 Photos.

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Home Shows Ghost Adventures Episodes Apparitions and shadow figures have also been reported sticking their heads around the corners as if to tease or play games with their living visitors.

Pennhurst State Encounters One of the building’s towers looms high in the sky.

To sign up, please enable JavaScript. One item of concern was that the hollowed out corridors really carried sound and it doesn’t take much for any noise coming from the outside world to come into the building. Haunted Hospitals 10pm 9c. Kay’s Hollow 11 Photos.


Playtime was not encouraged at Pennhurst. The Asylum may not be around much longer and the viewers could see why. A Haunting 10am 9c.

Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango headed to the basement one of the buildings where someone reported a crowbar being thrown in their direction. Asylm beams are rusting out and forget much electricity.

Cape Disappointment 25 Photos. Westerfeld House 20 Photos.

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There have also been reports of people not only being touched, but being pushed as well. They decided to leave a camera aimed at it for the rest of the investigation, hoping for one last act while they were there. Search RealityWanted News Loading. The room dividers seem more like prison bars. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Ghosts of Seasons Past 9 There’s more than meets the eye at Pennhurst.

The Alley of Darkness 11 Photos.

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Next stop was the tunnels and they grabbed a very deep growl in response to one of their questions which was picked up by their audio recorder. Ghosh Ghost Story 2pm 1c. Image courtesy of Syfy. Don’t let the clear blue skies in the backdrop fool you. Witnesses claim to have seen the apparition of a young girl in one of Pennhurst’s windows.


My Ghost Story 1pm 12c. Pizza My Heart 20 Photos. Idaho State Reform School 20 Photos.

A view from the ghastly stairwells. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. One of the most violent buildings in Pennhurst’s arsenal. Ghost Hunters Season 7: They took off to the “Quaker” building where screams and voices have been reported.

Rate this article Currently 5. Privacy Policy Sign Up. Long abandoned, the buildings of Pennhurst are still frightening. A door bang coming from the third floor got their attention and when they headed up there they continued to experience noises from dragging to knocking to doors closing.