When it comes to online content there is currently very little offered. Will this box do the job? Does the Dune streamers and Zappiti, yaDis etc. The creation of a Selection is identical to Sagas, there is no Edit menu, just Delete. But if you are ready to move your dune drive to your PC, it’s possible to use it. More Technology TV manufacturers Monitor manufacturers. No problems with either of them, other than an occasional audio dropout momentary. Download and install the program.

Movies from all configured folders can be browsed as a single collection, or you can filter by folder and browse only movies from a certain folder. Jan 21, at 7: For me that is all I care about, I want whatever media player I use to support flawless playback of my video content and give me the best PQ, and that is where the Dunes excel including full support for HD Audio and stereo downmix. How to download MP3 lyrics for free? Hi Damian ,i want to ask yo a few questions. Related How to rename video files? The Dune has been he most reliable when it has coming to playing all my local content without issue. Somehow I had overlooked some permissions on files and once those were adjusted, all is working as expected.

So let’s use this information to create a movie catalog for our Dune HD player.

How to manage my music collection on a Dune HD media player? | dune_folder, HDI Dune mediaplayer

I have the D1 but I also have the Dune BD Prime, and even though I rarely play physical discs it does come in handy every once in a while. When I am not writing for Mediasmartserver. Although not horrible the UI is still very basic, with a windows explorer type experience while navigating through your media.

I am hopeful at a minimum Dune will add support to automatically boot up into a jukebox at start. I want to organize my music collection. Also, if you want, you can browse only for movies located on currently attached drives or located in specific folders.


An example of a Dune movie catalog created by Movienizer: There is a small display bug in the sagas menu, the mouse scroll doesn’t work so that if you have a lot of sagas you can’t go lower than the bottom of your PC screen. What do you think? Yes, you can use an internal drive for both system storage and internal storage. You now have Cinavia in your blu ray player. Damian, Thanks again for your input.

Can you advise what this is? So that is a bit of a cat in the bag, so to speak. Ha the pain of learning! Let me know how it goes Cheers Damian.

I have the same two boxes at home, the BD Juukebox and the D1. But one thing that is a must is local playback ability. Thanks for the quick response.

The SMB settings I used are detailed here:. Is there any possibility that you could go wired instead of wireless. This is after you and I discussed not seeing the value in a streamer Boxee specifically in relation to an ordinary HTPC.

As you can see on the previous screenby selecting a saga you can either delete or edit it. But when i am forwarded to adobe flash player site, i get a failure notice. Unfortunately you cannot install flash on the Dune. Please help, as this is driving me crazy. Copyright My Music Tools. That is just the older model. Also, from what I am hearing any bad talk about the NeoTV on the Netgear forums gets blasted by members thereā€¦ The biggest concern right now with the NeoTV is supposedly Netgear plans on implementing Cinavia on the device i.

However, I still always get the same results, ie, an immediate message that tells me the export is complete, but with no folder created and no data exported to the drive even though the export tells me it was successful. Wether you like the menu structure – resembling the latest Apple TV upgrade – or not is a matter of taste, but personally I am not inspired by it.


I actually run Zappiti on my W7 x64 PC and simply export the jukebox to my WHS, but you can export to wherever you like as long as your Dune can access. Mark, Honestly not sure what the issue could be. No problem, any other questions you know where to find me. This is where it becomes even more confusing: I have the same problem with Yadis and Zappiti that is beyond my Google foo. I dont suppose you happen to know if this can also be done on the Dune?

Everybody talks about Dune being a great mediacenter. I firstly installed on my PC with the CD that jujebox with. If you use yadis in english you can chose certification between US or UK ratings all other languages are using their own local certifications B. MS killing Drive Extender anyone? I mukebox attempt to add something and update via the respective applications and let you know how it goes.

My Collection is currently available on the following Dune HD media player models: To do this you will need to have system storage set up on your Dune.

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It appears that yaDIS simply adds the first cover that gets downloaded. You have a nice site and quite informative one at that. Subscribe to the RSS feed! To be honest though I have had the best and most reliable results with the Dunes, so right now they hukebox my player of choice. What if simultaneously 7 users stream HD movies. Screenshot of a TV Show episode.