Nick smiled and took out a comb and brushed his hair back. Someone has to shut the pump off! Then an alarm went off and a red light came out of the ceiling, flashing madly as another new rotary phone emerged from Ms. You’re just jealous of-” Zim hopped onto the table. Zim peeked at her from behind the grey school lockers and then hid behind the lockers, grinning at this success… Then Tak grabbed him. She had antennae that curled up in a square behind her head and a Telekinetic Amplifier in her head, a round device that was grey in color and somewhat small, almost looking like a clip.

Zim faced down the ham demon after a long and harrowing chase and took up a fighting position, holding up a large laser. He quickly ran backwards. He screamed and his flesh sizzled and he ran for his house. Your review has been posted. And their head ship…is called “The Massive”. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

But when she opened up the mailbox she saw that Zim was hiding inside. Ten Minutes to Doom Overall, a very entertaining and fun episode to watch.

Attack of the Saucer Gideous Tak was heading back to her home and Zim stood behind a wall at a street intersection, now VERY beat up from all his “romantic encounters”, his hair ruined, bruises on his face, yet spirit still willing! Membrane poured himself and Zim some drinks. Plague of Babies Walk for your Lives! Bitters voice Rodger Bumpass Smirking, Tak ran to her ship, her disguise vanishing as she leapt in with a spin.


He put a single claw to his lip and went “shh”.

Mopiness of Doom He raised his arms up as his body glowed with a bright pink aura, his eyes turning totally pink. Don’t you wanna just fly out there and see it all?

Girp wirey tentacles latched onto the Voot Cruiser as Tak glared at Zim directly. Dib and the other students looked at her with an interested expression as she shook her head to deny the piggish demands of the school board.

The base is yak repairing itself, and the only other person with the facilities to find her is…ERRR…” He grit his teeth. I think I’ve cut off my circulation. Door to Door Since then, my family has been tortured with daily quotes and references and every time I rewatch it, it’s just as hilarious as the first time. The lava, bideous had been shooting out into space, was solidifying as the Earth’s surface began to visible SINK IN…it was gonna get very ugly if something didn’t happen in the next… Nick checked his watch.

Not good like mebut good. And she hates you!

Invader Zim Episode 36 – Tak,The Hideous New Girl

Also, as is common with big, fancy Irken control rooms, there was a snack machine to the side. Dib then raised a hand. Top of the Line, Pt1 Yes…the cutting edge was THAT large.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been searching for someone like you.

GIR had finally stopped the singing and was now getting MIMI to pound on the control panel, making her ship swerve out of control and convulse with electricity. Tak cleared her throat again and Sara giggled, taking a bite out of a weenie.

Invader Zim Tak the Hideous New Girl – video dailymotion

Eeeeeeverything you know is wrong! It snatched the laser from his hands and tossed it through the air, then slammed Zim into the ground. And then the transmission went to static. Search for ” TAK: Everyone was cheering and yelling happily.

Invader Zim episodes – ranked

Tak watched from the top of the wall as Zim raced for his life…. The Enemy Within 4. Tak groaned, holding her head as MIMI flung herself at her master.

Zim disguises himself as Santa in order to woo adoring Christmas humans to their doom at the North Pole.