The previous DVD release even had a warning notice, inviting viewers to activate the French subtitles. During the course of the restoration, the original recordings of Ophuls’ interviews with French- and German-speaking participants were discovered, and these replaced the voiceover track. The films selected for preservation will include narrative features, documentaries, avant-garde works, shorts and newsreels and will be broad enough in their temporality to paint a multifaceted portrait of a 20 th -century Africa both independent and under colonization. They give confidence and courage to transform societies for the better. Prasad Corp provides specialist digital post production and restoration services to customers worldwide. Over the past several years, Bodde has developed a national educational outreach project for The Film Foundation.

With more than half the films released before lost forever, and countless others disintegrating or fading with time, their preservation efforts can amount to triage in a losing war. Marius will be screened soon in Hollywood at the Colcoa Festival. Color correction was completed at Colorworks. The complexity and cost of a restoration varies widely according to the condition of the film, its length, and the unique technical specifications of the film. Premier Logo Created with Sketch. To download the materials, please: In the German camera negative was sent to America for distribution. Our restoration has a much higher resolution:

The all work was carried out at Digimage Classics, a French film laboratory specialized in digital restoration, and also the last photochemical laboratory in France.

What are the biggest hurdles right now in accomplishing film restoration goals? For the most part, the films preserved and restored by the foundation have been produced prior to and are therefore not recent enough to have been born digital. Since fojndation premiere, screenings include: Three shots were only extant in the MoMA copy.


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Even if there is a decent digital master of a film, the original elements may still be in danger of deterioration or loss. Part of this partnership is about putting these films back into the circuit in Africa itself. How and where has the restoration been presented and made available to the public?

Marius’ biggest dream is to embark on one of the boats passing by his dad’s bar and to set off to a faraway land. We worked from the original 35mm nitrate film and sound negatives, which are stored at the French Film Archives, Bois d’Arcy, France. They give confidence and courage to transform societies for the better.

Digital recreation of the font of missing intertitles. We also made an optical report and bodxe 35mm showprints. The original negative is 16mm 1: Our biggest challenge was to bring them back. Then, the image restoration was carried out on Diamant, during hours.

The Film Foundation consulted director Marcel Ophuls, who approved of this change and indicated that he had originally intended to use subtitled French and German language tracks.

What preservation elements have been margarret and where will they be stored? Bodde is exec director; Ahn managing director of the Film Foundation.

The film foundation’s world cinema project

Gaga took her place at a grand piano and Cooper perched on a stool. In order to try and minimize the presence of visible spots due to processing errors and aggravated by time and scratches on the image, the camera negative was wet-scanned at 4K resolution. Chace Audio by Deluxe restored the soundtrack bosde the original audio recordings.


Fortunately, it contained the missing images. Several dialogues have never been heard. How does The Film Foundation select a project for restoration? Our services include film digitisation, digital film restoration, digital asset management, VFX, digital intermediate, 3D movie making solutions, re-mastering and digital cinema services.

The film foundation’s world cinema project – The film foundation’s world cinema project

Marius was previously restored inin SD, from the dupe negative. Margaret Bodde has worked with Martin Scorsese for over a decade. The dupe negative is in 1.

How much does it cost? Original 35mm camera negative. After a month spent repairing manually the source elements, we scanned the negative with the Arriscan wetgate system.

Bodde & Ahn: To protect and serve

Because of the copyrighted footage and music contained in the film, all rights were re-cleared for non-theatrical, festival, and educational screenings. Our team of technical and creative people in six countries around the world are renowned for their professional expertise and exceptional service, having supported sophisticated and complex projects. While founder Martin Scorsese remains the public face of the nonprofit, Bodde and Ahn oversee day-to-day operations from their offices on opposite coasts.

Regretting bygone times as a trapeze artist “Boss” Huller works at the local fair. The dupe positive contained fewer defects but had a different texture and a lower resolution.