Thanks for all that help and advice! I’m sure it works fine for other uses, but not for mine. I won’t use anything else. We used it for everything from making digital negatives for Cyanotypes and VanDyke Brown’s to printing off shapes to use for lumen printing. I will be interested to hear how you get along with the PDN approach. Can’t access your account? Cookies help us deliver our service.

There are no comments here! By using our service, you agree to our use of cookies. Our right-sized structure allows us to be nimble enough to react to changing market needs while also assuring our partners a close-knit relationship with our leadership team. I wonder if anyone is able to give me some guidance on the best approach to creating digital negatives on this material? Colly1 commented on this. Rated 5 out of 5 by Nicholas from Excellent for digital negatives, bad for projection Let me start by saying that these are not for you if you need something to place on an old school overhead projector.

We use modern flexible approaches to this dynamic industry, with an emphasis on innovation bounded by a desire to deliver quality products and value to our distribution partners as well as the end consumer. I have never tried it but am thinking about how well it would probably work in place of paper negatives for bromoil. Compatible with all inkjet printers this translucent film has a higher ink load capacity than its sister product.

Suitable for exhibition images and professional portfolios gsm basis weight. No need to use a full sheet for these! I’d considered purchasing this but funds won’t permit at the moment! Don’t let the relatively young age of the company fool you.

Okay to the actual Pictorico paper, I’d have to say that it is the best paper I’ve used for my photos pictoeico I develop myself. Premium Photo Glossy Paper: Also, this Pictorico material is relatively new and there does not seem to be much information about it.

I’m sure it works fine pictofico other pitorico, but not for mine. I have a prolonged project in which I need transparent transparencies. Be the first to review this item.


I will tarnsparency interested to hear how you get along with the PDN approach. Thanks for all that help and advice! The result is enough to encourage me to continue refinement.

Printing on Pictorico Ultra Premium OHP The ultra-premium will work for silver gelatin, just be prepared to use a steep curve in the highlight areas to compensate for the rough transitions. Photo Art by Pictorico launches in early with two products: I may be able to point you to some helpful web resources for developing curves if you like.

This heavyweight high-grade paper, coated on both sides for front-and-back printing, features a lustrous finish and high brightness. Difficult but transoarency impossible; I have had three students recently make great silver gelatin contact prints from the ultra-premium so it is certainly doable.

Premium OHP Transparency Film

Established just as the 21st century started, Innova is not bound by century old thinking and paradigms. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Exploring Photography Archive Top.

Suitable for printing digital negatives for use with traditional photographic processes, or producing high density negatives for silk screen exposure. This “Ultra” version differs from standard “Pro Ttransparency transparency sheets in its excellent compatibility with Epson UltraChrome Photo Black K3 ink, high UV density, and higher capacity for ink absorption. Meeting the needs of professional, commercial and consumer minilabs.

Pictorico ohp inkjet in the UK | alternative processes printing (read rules please) | Flickr

Media by Type Bond and Coated. Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades: Please check your local sales tax laws.

As the material is precious and I only have 40 sheets to play with, I’d rather not have to do too much experimentation! Canon Poster Creation Software. Putting transpaeency an important presentation?

The internegatives are then contact printed onto fiber based Ilford paper in the darkroom. Suitable for creating brochures, greeting cards and signage gsm basis weight.

Roll transpsrency are 13″x66′, 17″x66′, 24″x66′, 36″x66′, 42″x66′. Things like streaks, bubbles, scratches. Scanning Software Colortrac Scanning Software.

You must be a member to leave a comment. It seems to be the “standard” everyone likes. Try his new technique of using our Photo Gallery Hi-Gloss White Film as a digital negative for printing on silver gelatin paper. For your everyday photo printing, Pictorico say this value-priced sheet will provide tarnsparency color output with an unusually high level of detail gsm basis weight.


That’s my two cents’ worth. Login Join for Free. Following high demand transpafency the market, Innova are pleased to announce the European launch of Photo Art by Pictorico For many years, photographers in Europe have striven to keep the magic of darkroom printing alive. Premium DualSide Photo Paper: A three-dimensional product that offers users an incredibly broad range of creative applications, from tapestries to banners. You must also be careful to print on the correct side or you will get a smeared mess that also clogs the heads on the printer.

Pictorico Ink Jet Media is now available to professional photographers and digital imaging enthusiasts in the UK. I followed some of the guidelines in Mike Ware’s document but have yet to make fine adjustments to the curves and to the printing pictkrico. If you want to make a digital negative to contact print in the darkroom or use to expose, say, a screen for screen printing, this is the choice for you.

I wonder if anyone is able to give me some guidance on the best approach to creating gilm negatives on this material? Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from I’ll definitely buy ffilm again! This white film is definitely somthing to try.

Digital Meets Darkroom

Innova’s management team includes pioneers of the industry who have been creating new digital papers since the beginning of the inkjet revolution in the ‘s. This used default settings for Matt Black on my Epsonwith some additional drying time between passes. For more information about our environmental commitment and the archival standards of Innova papers please visit our website at www.