Season 4 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: Episode 22 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: For the sake of the Tosa domain and the country Japan — the great cause espoused by Takechi, he taints his hands with murders despite the torment it brings to him. Episode 29 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: Episode 45 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: Post a Comment Do bookmark this post as all replies will be posted in this same post. Episode 46 [TV] Ryoma-Den::

However, because the Kobugattai union of court and shogunate coalition dominates the Imperial Court, he loses his standing and is ordered to commit ritual suicide. Episode 21 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: Thanks for dropping by! I won’t even say I am an experienced fan but you’ll learn pretty quickly about this talented handsome uncle if you know where to look. All you have to do is go to Imageshack, create a free account, log in before you come to my blog or any blog using Imageshack. It’s Otomo’s scene now. Episode 43 1 [TV] Ryoma-Den::

Ryoma Den Episode 32

As a result, however, he angers Yamauchi Yodo, the former feudal lord, and is ordered to commit ritual suicide. Although he hoped that Ryoma would become ryomqden fine samurai, he unintentionally spoilt Ryoma, who was his youngest child.

After that, they move from Episoee to Shimonoseki and she continues to support Ryoma from behind the scenes as he goes around Japan. Episode 29 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: Episode 09 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: However some images were stored at Imageshack.

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Then he meets Narasaki Ryo, who is to be his life partner, in a fateful encounter … Characters Fukuyama Masaharu as Sakamoto Ryoma Born the second son of the Sakamoto family who were merchant samurai in the Tosa domain present day Kochi Prefecture. Katsura agrees with Ryoma’s plan to purchase a ship and weapons for the Choshu clan under the name of the Satsuma clan.


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I do not pretend to say I take credit for the text in here; frankly I just search, gather, summarise, reword and repost. Episode 29 1 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: News Zero [TV] Performances:: Episode 41 1 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: Otomo is listening behind epixode door. Episode 47 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: Gegege No Nyobo Episode I think enabling Javascript when viewing my blog will great enhance your experience.

For the sake of the Tosa domain and the country Japan — the great cause espoused by Takechi, he taints his hands with murders despite the torment it brings to him. Well, let me choose some random posts for you! Episode 24 1 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: Airing in other countries, soon! Episode 03 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: Click eposode to go to download page.

Running Man game Show Episode If you’re not, I will email and ryommaden why probably answered some wrongly, such as title not in Romaji or wrong answer.


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Episode 47 1 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: Although he is a vassal of the shogun, he feels that the Tokugawa shogunate has reached it limits and plans to build up a Japanese navy. Its branch families became lower class samurai, and Hachihei was exceptionally particular about formalities as a samurai family. I will always include the name of the epiaode who said whatever I posted ryomqden the best of my ability but as you can see, my sources are mostly from 2 main fan forums of Masha that is not in Japan.

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Information Ryoma-Den [Episode 43]: HeyX3 6 [TV] Performances:: Ryoma is the narrator for this episode instead of the usual Yataro.

Omoto bargains with Ryoma that she will keep the deal episde secret if he does not tell anyone that she is a “hidden” Christian. This should work for all browsers. Episode 28 1 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: Episode 35 [TV] Ryoma-Den:: I episoee your feedback and suggestions, whether positive or critical as well as any amendments, corrections and notifications.