Their mother gets them pet rocks. London tells her she left “London Jr. In the meantime it turns out that London just needed someone to accompany her on her shopping spree in Paris. The girls languish in the closet for most of the day, fighting over one last remaining piece of candy in London’s purse at one point, but eventually say how they wouldn’t rather spend their last moments with anyone else. In real life Brenda is a black belt in Tae Kwan Do. While Esteban and Maddie try to replace the pictures, Moseby returns, so they hide under his desk. Tipton that she was hoping to entertain her guests with carriage rides. I Meddled Again first by Jackson and then by Miley.

She shows them the highlights of the football game. Moseby’s overbearing “big” brother pays a visit! But when Maddie realizes her club isn’t actually reading the books, but rather just getting together so they can gossip, she decides to try and influence London’s outlook on reading. The first event in the engineer games is racing with your toolbox to the finish line. Episode 26 Scary Movie Zack convinces Cody, Jessica and Janice to go to a scary movie, but when it’s Zack who ends up with nightmares Cody takes advantage of the situation. Arwin starts screaming and runs out. Tipton’s face isn’t seen. Maddie runs a day-care center at the Tipton, but needs Zack and Cody to fill in and watch her pint-size charges while she deals with a personal matter.

Maddie and London fight over who the baby likes more, causing it to fly out the window and hit Esteban in the euite, knocking him out.

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Plot Maddie runs a Daycare Service at the Tipton, and when Maddie has a family obligation to attend to, Zack, Cody, and Esteban have to take care of everything for a moment. Esteban is scared of the curse of the mummy and he and Maddie try to replace it with a fake mummy. Cody’s high expectations of succeeding in woodshop class lead to disappointment when Zack receives a better grade; London takes credit for a short story written by Maddie.


Moseby he totaled his car, but since he owns a foreign vehicle lot he suitte pick any car he wants. The first question is answered by Cody. Moseby asks him if he zafk the critic and the cowboy tells him he isn’t.

On opening night of the play, Agnes and Cody discover that every one loves the wrong person. The Tipton is losing badly until Arwin shows up and gets numerous strikes in a row.

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The twins overhear the man on his cell phone saying that he is using Tippj as a workhorse. Everybody keeps falling over Zack’s wheeled toys. Episode 34 Health and Fitness Zack and Cody gree to help Chef Paulo eat healthier, while London and Maddie diet and exercise for an upcoming fashion show. Cody declares that nothing could go wrong with today. View All Photos Moseby reluctantly gives him a job. Katelyn Pippy as Jolie. Cody tells Maddie that Zack is buying the voters.

In the end, Zack and Cody reenter the kitchen, to find that Paolo had created a whole new dessert menu made out of completely healthy ingredients. Cody was taking advanced calculus using variables and values, but no one showed up, not even the teacher. The boys have a hard time staying out of trouble and enjoy treating the hotel like their own personal playground.


London tells Maddie she isnt getting paid because they had no money. Season 2 Episode 60 Guest stars: For the game show, see Risk It All.

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Moseby that she is having her Sweet 16 party on Saturday. But at epiaode game, Joe gives her a love letter and London was so lovestruck that she didn’t even bother to look at the ball.

Maddie is unhappy, but London gets her to promise not to tell the truth. At the competition, Carey gets sick and can’t dance. Send us Feedback Get Help. Maddie is revealed to be acting as “London’s Brain” at the modern art gallery.

Carey and the boys sing a Japanese song from a play to stall the audience, and the singer finally comes and saves the day! Maddie tells them her dad owns the hotel.

If there is one free meal, it will come out of the responsible person’s paycheck. Log in with Facebook.

She thinks the test if the best thing that happened to the family. In the final round, Cody becomes too greedy and forces Zack to do the physical challenge, despite his weariness, by spelling Tyrannosaurus. Meanwhile, Maddie is trying to help Raven by getting London to wear one of Raven’s original designs, but London swears she’ll never wear anything that’s not from a famous person.