Nishiuchi Mariya Main Cast. Posted by Lisa Huang at 5: May I ask, are there any soft subs. By angelangie Started May 28, Based on a manga with the same name created by Aida Natsumi, ‘Switch Girl!! Saturday, February 16, Jdrama Review:

Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Miki 7yr ago 3,, jpops. How long can Nika keep Arata from discovering her true self? Oh and this scene is just so much epic goodness on its own. By Newsie Started 22 minutes ago. Home Charts Community Game. YukioSasazaki 7yr ago jpops.

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Sign In Sign Up. When the good-looking Arata Renn Kiriyama transfers to her school, Nika develops a crush on him. I’d choose a cute ring over some big diamond ring any day!! Kumabe Yohei Supporting Cast. Thank you for your time. Switch Girl Season 2.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Nishiuchi Mariya as Tamiya Nika. Posted February 5, Daelyn 7yr ago 1, jpops. I’m not much of a diamond girl when it comes to rings. Skuld 7yr ago 35, jpops.

Subtitles For Switch Girl!!

That’s just how good the show was. D Watching season 2, praying for season 3. By Newsie Started 22 minutes ago. Who wants a diamond ring when you can get a cute simple ring like that.


[JDorama] Switch Girl

Your public face can be very different than your private face. The only thing that disappointed me a little bit was the fact that they made only 8 episods. Hopefully, it’ll be subbed by the beginning of summer I know that there are lot of hate comments for Nishiuchi Mariya just because she was rumored to Yamada Ryosuke before but Nika’s character is like tailor-made for her.

She was a lot younger than Renn in real life but they totally sync. You will just have to watch the drama to find out what it’s all about. Episodes This show does not have any episodes. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of cookies, Updated Privacy Policy 2.

It a hilarous drama and I would love to finish it: Ikezawa Ayaka Supporting Cast. It is based on a manga by the same title by Aida Natsumi.

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Absolutely looooved the manga and drama! Next they go to a love hotel where Nika wants to spend a ” romantic ” date with you know what Isn’t it just the cutest gift ever?! And switvh update, Switch Girl!!! AdriaLeticia 6yr ago 3, jpops. I definitely have to watch it!!!! Perhaps I should give the drama a go instead. KatoRina 7yr ago 1, jpops.


LadyRedsama 7yr agojpops. By firstnadya Started July 7, Some screencaps of some of my favourite scenes from Season 2. Log in with Email.

Watch ‘ Switch Girl ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. YukioSasazaki 7yr ago jpops. May I ask, are there any soft subs. Menu JpopAsia Search Login. In my opinion, season 2 is a lot more hilarious than the first season with a lot of more epic hilarious scenes, lol. I only found Ep and Final Ep08 online.

Subtitles for Switch Girl!!

D This is the manga Love them. It ought to be more fun to watch than to read after all. Go To Topic Listing Japan. I just watched the first 3 but the 4th one doesnt have a eng sub. So far I’m loving it, it’s hilarious!

Miki 7yr ago 3, jpops. I finished watching the whole season all 8 episodes in a episods Home Charts Community Game.