Toshiba Satellite LN on Ciao. Regarding performance the Toshiba LN is equipped for office work and adequate for these demands. It was cumbersome to use them and their clicking noise was rather loud and nasty. Notes about your system: The Toshiba Satellite LN is a typical notebook for text processing, browsing the Internet , watching movies , and listening to music.

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Therefore, we would highly recommend a memory upgradeso toshiba l40-14n the notebook is equipped with a total of 2GB RAM.

Although the fan sped up under load, the noise level got never annoying. Benchmark Comparison PC Mark l40-14 The maximum temperature toshiba l40-14n SATA 1 – 1.

However, you’ll need to buy two new 1GB modules, because there are only two slots and these are already occupied by toshiba l40-14n MB RAM modules. The measured brightness was also alright. We didn’t absolutely like the keyboard, because it clatters a little bit. With so many variations in memory, it’s important to understand just exactly toshiba l40-14n will work — l40-144n what won’t — in your system.

Toshiba Satellite LN – External Reviews

Your RAM must be compatible toshiba l40-14n your system — or your system just won’t work. Benchmark Comparison 3D Mark Although the memory can be installed one module at a time, the best performance comes from using matched pairs of modules. Quality journalism is made possible by toshiva. This notebooks basically tries to attract price-conscious customers by a toshiba l40-14n gray-blue and black keyboard and silver palm rest areas.


toshiba l40-14n The LN’s case is decent. Vertically, you’ll face toshiba l40-14n respectively darkening if your l4-014n angle even only slightly deviates from toshiba l40-14n ideal. All other options, e. However, the L40’s case still seems to be passably robust. The performance is adequate for these purpose. The plastic look and feel of the case when using the notebook is also distinctive. The sound output via 3. However, the construction of the casethe lid, and the front edge, l04-14n it easy to have the L40 pegged as Toshiba notebook.

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toshiba l40-14n The measured runtime in battery mode ranges from about 80 minutes under load to a maximum of about 3 hours at minimum energy demand.

However, in practice, typing feels a little ricketytoshiba l40-14n the side lead of the keys is obviously too low.

Chipset is a set toshiba l40-14n integrated circuits that have a specific purpose in a computer system, a group of microchips used together to perform a single task. Your Toshiba Satellite LN system specs as shipped.


Audio Ports, USB 2. During our review the Toshiba Satellite L40 was rather quiet without load idle mode and it’s noise emissions stayed low during text processing and browsing the Internet via WLAN.

Toshiba Satellite LN on Ciao. The L40’s design is very decent without any striking colors or design aspects, least of all gadgetry with light. The toshiba l40-14n weakness is the slightly wobbling DVD tray. Though the toshiba l40-14n is simple, without striking details, Loudness During our review the Toshiba Satellite Toshibaa was rather quiet without load toshiba l40-14n mode and it’s noise emissions stayed low during text processing and browsing the Internet via WLAN.

Video of Display’s Viewing Angles. The key feedback is rather clear.