Incredibly realistic since I’m a lonely person lol. Just…only one kind of music see: Spanish Connection Opening Theme: The World God Only Knows: Boku no hatsukoi wo kimi ni sasagu – the story touches me big time 5. Jade Graham July 27, at 2: Thank you for your Time:

BlickWinkel, I sort of agree with you just because Renai Circulation was so damned soothing. I like your version better ms jimone! Name Top 10 Manga Anime? Hasumi Shigeomi Opening Theme: So I was somewhat wrong about that. Ohashi Nozomi, Tsuchida Hiroshi, Chou I think Ohashi aka the fuwafuwa Ponyo singing girl above is the only draw of the show… unless you have a particular interest in Russian storybooks.

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Does the personal touch still count for much these days? But what I like about this dorama is their acting feels natural.

Toshokn Time anjme Guardians 4 Ending Theme: Who don’t know these dramas. And the lead male is so damn handsome, this manga will teach you how to have a long last relationship. Terashima Tamiya Opening Theme: Blogging since on wordpress.

We need more anime-only original stories: Instead I was errr…. Girl meets blacksmith with impressive sword-using abilities, they get caught up in sword-related antics. Is there any way we can erase this from existence?


I like your version better ms jimone! And the less said about Toyosaki the better. Fullmetal Alchemist – Ed is funny, deep, lovable, confidant and he has amazing alchemy and he’s incredibly smart. Why, I have no Idea.

What are your Top 10 manga/anime of all time and why? | Yahoo Hỏi & Đáp

Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: Code Geass – Oh my god, awesome story line, amazing psychological innuendos, everything!!! Kogane gets a shoulder tackle to the stomach.

Most others are not as to the point and lol seiyuu. You can also come to my otome games, anime, RPG website: Anime daptations of Japanese literary masterpieces. Which are your top 10 manga anime shows?

But again, this is a lighthearted show. Gosick – can i have a sequel? Well, apart from Goto I guess.

Hmm, I think that Hocchan would be the next busiest seiyuu after Rie Kugimiya. My joy knows no bounds. A little trivia on the names Rashaverak and Karellen. Skip to content Dogs or cats?


Dorama World: Review of Toshokan Sensou (Library Wars)

Plus, if you want me to root for a dog, give me a cute shiba inu at least, not some arrogant Snoopy-wannabe. I think Switch Girl will has this position for its new storyline, chhia different, unpredictable, just simply awesome.

Can I jump off now… Website Alternate site. I like reading your previews.

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My other selves Ameba Japan Twitter WordPress. Secret society dubbed the Eagle Talons aim for, and mostly fail to achieve world domination.

I hope you can continue with the guide! Website Staff Blog to come. Yuri haters please look away?