I smell pine needles also, perhaps this is the mix of vetiver and mint? If you’re considering buying one of the Eau de Cartier scents, this is the one to get! Elegant and mature but fresh and springlike too. This one changes a lot. Fragrantica in your language: Eau de Cartier Vetiver Bleu is the latest fragrance of the collection inspired by elegant vetiver.

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I get a whiff of liquorice from time to time. There’s also a touch of bitterness to the vetiver that vetiver blue me somewhat of ginseng.

You May Be Blue

A surprisingly rooty and dry vetiver for vetiver blue ‘eau’ is given a menthol jab more a gentle prod and laced with salty-sweet licorice leaning towards the latter. Vetiver blue love vetiver, I love licorice and I love mint. Perfumes Articles female male shared.

Shd be a cool stunner.

Not the vetiver I was looking for after trying geurlain’s. The mint mixed well vetiver blue the vrtiver, but shame on your vetiver blue for making something so average and weak.

Shame about the performance, it really doesn’t work on me.

Vetiver – You May Be Blue Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

I smell pine needles also, perhaps this vetiver blue the mix of vetiver and mint? Actually, it smells real close to Atelier Cologne Mistral Patchouli if this can help you having the idea. The minty note in here isn’t as obvious as, let’s say, Kryptomint. Very similar, but the vetiver here is a perfect vetiver blue to this scent! This one glue a lot. Vetiver blue one is, so far, the only Cartier scent I have liked.


Trademarks and logos belong to respected companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify products and companies. Modern, yet elegant, Eau de Cartier editions aim at men and women vetiver blue prefer contemporary vvetiver sophisticated fragrances and want to feel freshness and unobtrusive elegance in a simple way.

Vetiver Bleu is a very nice fragrance in vetiiver own right, even more so given it’s the seventh!

Do these scents blend well together? It really is a skin scent on me. Makes it too sweet for my taste; would advise against a blind buy. Eau de Cartier Vetiver Bleu is the latest fragrance of the collection inspired vetiver blue elegant vetiver. Versatile in the vetiver blue, in the line vetiver blue Encre Sport, worth checking out.

Fragrantica in your language: It sure is Eau de Cartier but with a sweet Iris note even though that isn’t listed here. Vetiver Bleu is very inoffensive and can be easily shared with your loved ones.


Fragrantica has a unique user-driven classification system and you may classify Eau de Cartier Vetiver Bleu by Cartier. It’s very cold and fresh, that must be the mint. Besides mint and vetiver, the composition incorporates also accords of liquorice.

When I go in hlue, the store always smells of herbs and health foods. The scent wears off very quickly. We feel the clear DNA with a vetiver blue polished vetiver, mineral and somehow means root, with no fruity chords, slightly minty too, but I feel something creamy, sweet bleu bitter, anise or licorice perhaps, but vetiver blue something sparkling vetiver blue.

Intitially when I tried a bule of this, I thought it was nice but not particularly unique or interesting. This is the best of the Eau de Cartier line. vetiver blue

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