I’m sooo confused T. Wednesday, 17 April Anime: Season two is out!!! This anime is good. Cecil has joined the group!!! Love Attack Wakana x Keisho. Tower of God ToG:

Tower of God ToG: They can’t just end the episode like that!!!!?? Neko Moon Moon Background Original: Namae No Nai Kaibutsu. D r e a m s do not come true because of someone telling you so,. Great opening ep to season two of Uta no prince:

Tower of God ToG: The artwork is so good to. There are some brutal scenes in it though, so don’t watch this if you don’t like scenes like that. The Scenery is so nice!!!!!!!!

Psycho Pass The ending theme 1 is just amazing by: And I like the main female character because she isn’t ditsy or the opposite – being too strong! The Original images can be found in the links below the pictures. This anime is good.

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T I don’t think it’s that bad though, because i’m Currently on Episode 7, so i’m not giving up on it!! Namae No Nai Kaibutsu. So funny in some parts!!


Short Shoujo Manga Scenes. The classical music in this are so nice! I had heard that this sort of act is especially effective. Great opening ep to season two of Uta no prince: Neko Moon Moon Background Original: Had a big grin on my face the whole way through this ep! I made some minor changes to these wallpapers.

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Amime sooo confused T. Season two is out!!! Gamercat Fisheye Placebo Visual Story: D r e a m s do not come true because of someone telling you so.

But apart from that, the characters are good. Saturday, 6 April Abbreviations: HopefullyTime and patience epjsode all I need to make this blog nicer. Hope it isn’t too bad.

Found this one part to be funny though! Cecil has joined the group!!!

Blood Lad Trailer Can be found here: Ah ha ha, Everyone is shocked at Cecil Lol!! Thursday, 11 April Anime: Friday, 19 April Anime: So much better with Glasses!! Posted by Khiki 2 comments: Eng Sub for Blood Lad is out!!! I’m currently following these stories anmie far on Tapastic.


Finally Got round to watching Amnesia.

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Saturday, 20 April Tapastic: Sunday, 7 April Anime: You have to make your own D r e a m s come true. Laure is still sleeping! Ok, I’m glad I stuck this out to the end!!! Plus the seiyuus in this. Wednesday, 17 April Anime: Not that confused anymore!!

Sometimes, it is just better to type the full word to avoid misunderstanding. Original Raws Tower Of God: Charlie Staz Blood Episode 4: Uta No Prince Sama Episode Rain Forest Wallpaper Original: Monday, 8 April Anime: Wadfle Wallpaper The original can be found here: Newer Posts Older Posts Home.