Bonnie watches her mother looking sad while she walks around her garden. Caroline discovers a more sensitive and romantic side of Klaus no one would have suspected. Katherine had woken Stefan in order to save Damon from Klaus’ hybrids, who were ordered to kill him in case of his death. The third season premiered on Thursday, September 15, They go to Stefan’s old apartment, where Elena sees Stefan’s list of victims. He then says “if I’m going to feel guilty, I’ll feel guilty about this” and kisses Elena. Tyler gets Bill to come and help him resist the sire bond. Jeremy continues to see Vicki and Anna’s ghosts.

Once in the kitchen, Alaric reaches for a sharp butcher knife. Have you ever watched an entire TV series. Meanwhile Alaric’s alter ego stabs Meredith trying to kill her. The gang attends a bonfire, where Elena, Damon, and Alaric try to capture Stefan. Damon’s former teacher Sage returns as his lover, in a secret pact against Rebekah, whom he seduces to keep an eye on her quest for the original white oak’s sole known shoot. Damon and Stefan have a surprisingly candid conversation about the future: She was first seen in a flashback in episode eight.

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But then Damon realizes how desperate Rebekah is for attention and love, and that she is actually torturing him for violating these feelings rather than for tricking her to access her memories. Along with the lively company of Elijah; Damon, Stefan and Klaus agree to consult a rv over dinner, with Damon trying to keep Stefan on good behavior.

The family was distraught and the loss made Mikael obsessed with making the family invulnerable. This page was last edited on 6 Januaryat Klaus and Stefan arrive in Chicago, where they knew each other during one of Stefan’s previous periods as a Ripper in the s. Elena and Matt break into Meredith’s apartment and find a secret box of files on the Council members.

She threatens Stefan’s life if Caroline fails to kill Tom. Stefan sees Lexi who tries to help him find his humanity by working with Elena. Bonnie realizes the necklace wasn’t destroyed and Alaric finds mysterious 33 drawings.


Back in reality, Stefan asks Bonnie for help in hiding the coffins from Klaus. Hazel asks Bonnie to inform Luke that she failed before she passes and Bonnie confused asks Luke about Hazel and to tell her the truth.

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Edit Did You Know? Elena ‘s eighteenth birthday arrives and Caroline holds a party. Caroline is jealous when Tyler brings a date to the party, and the two end up sleeping together. Tyler then shows his mother he’s a werewolf as it was a full moon 1 night, showing that he was also a monster. Bill decides not to complete the transition leaving Caroline distraught.

Damon then saves Elena. Leslie takes the whole department camping in order to brainstorm new. The two of them go for a lunch where Caroline compels Tom to tell her everything about his life and she learns how Hazel kidnapped him.

Fell reveals to Damon that Elena wasn’t suffering from a concussion, but a bleeding in the brain and that she did what she had to do to save her, by giving her vampire blood.

It is revealed that Klaus knew Stefan in the s. Vampire diaries season 3 episodes. Elena tells Stefan about her kiss with Damon.

Elena and Matt go back to her house, where Matt gives her back the Gilbert journal. Before he does, he takes off his ring and hands it back to Elena. Klaus wants Elena and Damon to find Stefan in order to get his coffins back but when they refuse, he gets a hybrid to run over Jeremy who has been off vervain due to Tyler’s influence and has been compelled by Klaus. The episode starts with Stefan Paul Wesley having a vision of Tom saving a woman’s life during a spell that Sloan Caitlin McHugh casts in order to link Stefan to Tom so they will find him.


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The gang attends a bonfire, where Elena, Damon, and Alaric try to capture Stefan. Stefan returns home to warn Damon to stop tracking them by killing Andie. Tired of revenge, Rebekah releases Damon as a sign of good faith and leaves with the eight stakes. Jeremy calls home from Denver, telling he only suffers from melancholy but does well at school.

She reveals how the family became vampires. It also delves deeper into the physiology of the family specifically the siblings and shows the reason behind their motto “Always and Forever” and how bonds formed between some of the siblings.

Alice Evans joined the cast as the original witch Esther, Klaus’ mother.

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Parks and Recreation Season 4. Damon and Elena find Jeremy and ask him to talk to Rose on the other side, but they are interrupted by Kol, whom Damon neutralizes with a stake. Damon and Diaeies find the way to kill the originals: Tyler calls Caroline and apologizes, saying he’s still working on fixing himself.

Stefan sees Tom talking to a girl named Hazel Gena Shawwho asks him to buy him a dinner for saving her friend’s life and Tom accepts.

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In flashbacks toStefan and Damon attend Zachariah’s funeral and learn he wasn’t the first council member murdered. Epiosde by KGF Vissers. Elijah writes Elena a letter of apology and realizes they aren’t as good as they think they are.

Tyler realises his mother had captured Caroline eepisode, who is still being held captive. His wife, a witch, the Original witch, aided them in becoming vampires but nature found ways of ensuring that they had weaknesses.