It is a Telugu word. Have a great day… Love,. Siddhu came near to me.. Siddhu naku kaboye husband You think this is an airplane? Siddhu kurchuni kurchuni velipoyad ata: Siddharth ane name toh konni vandala mandi untaru.. No doubt it is being well received in Andhra, so the team must know what they are doing, but I hate to see such a talented actor being wasted in commercial cinema and hope that you will venture into some small-budget art films too that do true justice to your talent.

Aa nammakam thone pelli ki ventane ok cheppa.. Siddhuuu ani gettiga arustunna Siddhu tinani love chestada.. Praveen Kumar 3 meses. Siddhu was winking at me through out the dance.. Nice super in real life what u do..

I recently liked you as my hero. Ram vastay box office badala koti thisuku velthadu hopefully for this movie.

Next Day we went for shopping for my engagement Good Luck with the coming movies. Hi I am also jahnavi. But, I could not move on to some other works until I finish it.


Really liked your narration. Ishi will see some more dresses over there. Ishi ni observe chestu untadu Arun balcony lo nundi sea chusthu untadu Now, we can get a free ride in an ambulance. Hope u had a good trip. Jeeth Ur always super.

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Budhiraju Sivaramachandrarao 1 mes. Sameer ni mundu reject chesav kada ra. Joel William 2 meses. Please please please take care. Siddhu strted to murmur.

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I need a ride till Jubilee Hills. Chintu bantu idaru nidrapoyaru. Prassanna Lakshmi 4 meses.

Baby youre the only one for me. Not sure if these songs were made to showcase your dancing skills, but may be insert them somewhere else where they are not going to kill the strong emotions and mood of the movie.

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To a place nearby. RRKK movie songs are very nice especially title song superooooooo super. As a great Movie Watcher and critic, I am extremely impressed by your acting skills and ability to hold the screen and the film together.


From 30 somethin degrees F to 30 somethin degrees C! Seem 2 b sooooooooo busy wid da success of rrkk! Esp Jahnavi you do both the mother character and daughter character are really superb we really enjoyed that scenes a lotttttt.

Kavya garu remunation penchamante penchutam kani ee rakam ga biscuits estunar ga. But now, gas costs Rs. Divya D 2 meses. Please visit my site http: Siddhu vala father antunaru. I am hoping that you are the only one reply for everyone. Girija Venkatesh 21 dias.

Sk Ali 3 meses. Madasu Praveen 2 meses.