Jon Newman as Kieran “Ozzie” Osborne; When Se Kwang gets his just desserts, I’ll probably be very happy but it’ll be a mental happiness. Which is when Professor Jeon turns up and the others hurry to whisk him away. Also, like you, Gummimochi, I did not understand how that past conversation about righteousness and cowardice fit in to the current situation. She fell for what she believed him to be and not what he actually is. Do you find him attractive? TS April 4, at 9:

Do you find him attractive? I’m so glad she has so much love around her. Girl, you are in for a gigantic shock when you find out. Full Cast and Crew. Better to fall for cold, rude arrogant guys than a philanderer or a flirt. Am wondering how Hyuk and Prosecutor Jeon will figure in the end. So true about Balzac’s characters. As Cha Don has basically avoided her like the plague, not sure when there would have been a chemistry developed.

I liked badass Jeon Ji Hoo better. I felt the writers were not consistent with her characterization there. Plus the skin around her eyes looks over-stretched. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Also, not too long ago, it was customary in Asian culture for men to have “minor wives” as they called them when I lived in Thailand.

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It looked so childish that I wondered why Ji Hoo didn’t think, “Wtf, what’s wrong with him? And to Ji-hoo, all Se-kwang’s actions can be construed as non-sketchy because he has had a good track record of being a righteous prosecutor they’ve presumably been working together for years before Cha Don showed mobeywhile we know him to be a episodf SOB.


Episode 4 by Regals. Oh I agree with you delicate cloud.

But that doesn’t necessarily apply to her personal life She find Se-kwang sleeping on the couch and lingers there, watching him sleep. The cute hottie Prosecutor Hyuk has fallen for the charms of Jae In!!

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It was so obvious! Tom Smith Amanda Fahy The “weak” has episoed stronger and is indeed rising. In this last week, I am totally caught up thru episode 18, and have a new dance card for the remaining episodes.

For me, it’s sekwang that I want strangled. He knows how to use a girl to get what he wants.

Funny Money; Bulimic Briony & Another Foxtrot uniform charlie kilo india november golf Fire

She saw it again when he manage to take over her case against BR. Incafnation In – i love your smile when you realised that he actually does have feelings for you!

Screenplays by Jang Young-chul. You’re so right that this episode focus on the women. Archived from the original on 31 March And the young female prosecutor, who is gorgeous, well-qualified, fearless as per her 1st entrance on motor-bikecomes fr an excellent family wants nobody but him, even tho he confesses in ep 18 that he is interested in her only becos her father is in a position to help him politically.

But I’m thinking that those kdrama writers will want to give him a romance because we noonas are liking him so much. Totally agree with you that hurt pride and public humiliation would devastate Se Kwang to the extend that he would sionpsis suicide.


Everyone else has done shady things at some point. Kang Ji Hwan is born in It does not detract from her Prosecutor persona at all. I’m also in the camp of viewers who do not find any chemistry between Jae In and Cha Don. The writers give epidode a merciful heart toward her.

We had seen the jealousy before and loved it but this was priceless.

See the full gallery. The senior prosecutors take their argument outside in an empty field. Usually two weeks, this inspection period will repeat itself until the elite committee reaches an unanimous decision.

I loved it that he mentioned her fatter self.

He denies it and leaves. I miss the spunk of Miss Prosecutor. I literally had to stop watching as his ‘Where’s Waldo’ head came peeking up between Hyuk and Jae-in who has obviously become serious with Jae-in.

He will have to chalk it up as experience since he did said that he did not have epsiode much dating experience. He does wonder why the name commands such respect.