Would u plz visit….. I will miss this show badly. Nandini says it will be her big failure, she does not know heart breaking pain, she will know it when her life ends and pain does not lessen. She hugs him and they cry. May your life be blissfull…. Arjun started the car. Hey Ira afroz saw pics thanx yaar will miss u!!??

Maria 29th Aug – He holds her face and wipes her tears. Nandini says its painful to see your love with someone else, it has no cure, you want to give your love to someone else. He was always sweaty, lean, panting and…. She chewed ob her lower lip. The Episode starts with Radhika coming home.

She makes him rest and sits by his side, pacifying him.

By the way my favorite serials are- miley jab hum tum,nisha aur uske cousins, manmarziyan. Then he shook his head. Radhika stopped dead but Arjun let go off her hand, he went and walked up to it.

He leaned on it and tilted his head to the side. He caught her shoulders and moved her towards the mirror. He took a step forward again and she took a step back, struck dumb at his presence in her room.

She augudt him a look epksode disbelief. Excited about arjun talking to rads family. Read comments and replying our opinion everything.

Love to see his 1st meet with Dada ji. But right then his words were cut short when he slid his gaze all over her face and down her neck. Something mundane which lead to a flare of amusement. Riya 28th Aug dull 7: Making me question myself with your words. He was sitting in the hall, his eyes straying everywhere to for her. She gets up to leave. She reluctantly nodded her head.


But what was he doing here? Samihi- thanx epksode much for readin my story. She sees Nandini with her bag. And Oh, my my she need to distract him fast or she was sure of falling down on the floor in a puddle.

He was an epitome of cool, calm, composed and collected while sitting there sipping tea, but his insides were creating up a storm, waiting for only a little glimpse of her. Nandini says its painful to see your love with someone else, it has no cure, you want to give your love to someone else.

And want to see how Arjun confess Radhika with using those 3 Magical Words. Sam tells Arjun that Radhika has left him forever as she Radhika belives that he loves only Sam. It was too cold now as the night progressed.

On Aug 27, It was ancient looking and streched horizontally than vertically. We all ur friends always wil be n exicted about the serial moving to rishikesh. She says our friendship became our biggest enemy, now I have to take this step and break friendship. She could feel the weight of his drilling stare at her thighs,arms, chest and neck.


Dosti, Yaariyan, Manmarziyan – 31 august 2015 – Full Episode Part 1

Arjun wakes up and looks for Radhika. She had brought a light of beautiful illumination, of love, of friendship, of the meaning of relationship, of meaning happiness that he lacked all his life.

She did not understand the pride in owning a vehicle which kills.

No dont have to watch online sadly. You are the second topper of our batch.

Manmarziyan 27th august 2015 Full Episode HD Video Live

It lay gigantic, like a classic novel one. To observe his senses and wash away his pain. Men and their smugness, she thought and looked outside the glass window. He seemed ticked off as heglared at his house not mansion or whatever it was. This gleaming spectacular view.

Dosti, Yaariyan, Manmarziyan – 31 august – Full Episode Part 1 – video dailymotion

He was always sweaty, lean, panting and… Where the hell are her thoughts going? This channel ruined our Fav show…. Its morning, Agust wakes up and smiles seeing Arjun.