Pal, I know it hurts, but suicide is really NOT the best way to deal with heartaches. His heart was already dead. In an indirect answer, he spits his stand: If he could just fast-forward everything, he would. Xia Mo, do you know a long, long, long time ago I already proposed to you? My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 6 Recap. Ou Chen knows his methods were unfair but at least he gave her the most needed kidney. He gives Ou Chen a full swing punch.

But Xia Mo shoves the topic off and smiles as if nothing happened. We are already a family, so we must be happy. What are you talking about? Ou Chen is quite reluctant. Find a solution together. I forced you to split up with Luo xi, how can I be mad? But Ou Chen is quick to retort.

But Xia Mo cuts her off, saying that someday he will forget about her. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Undoubtedly, Ou Chen is the happiest of all grooms. So many people love you. Thankfully, Zhen En is only ddsire her over-reactive emotional outburst! In a bar somewhere in Taiwan, Shen Qiang is drowning herself with liquor. I came to ask you to marry me. In an indirect answer, he spits his stand: I am your wife.

She sees him as Luo Xi. You are commenting using your Facebook account. But Ou Chen already snopsis up his mind. At the hospital, Xia Mo catches Ou Chen getting dressed.


And then reality bites. Feeling rather insulted, Shen Qiang walks out. He wants to know dezire the donor is and personally thank him for the kidney. I came before you marry Ou Chen… to ask you marry me. Because you gave that kidney, she thinks she needs to repay you. Xia Mo is sinopais aback.

May 8, – Jun 12, Aired On: Just then, a frantic Zhen En bangs the door. But then she never bothered to tell Xia Mo. Like an excited little boy, Ou Chen runs towards his bride and carries her all the way through the long red carpet.

And then, Luo Xi goes crazy! I believe in sharing so basically, this is just a matter of courtesy.

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She comments that they really think alike. So, are you happy? She was not acting last desige. The actress who played Akari had the malene hi! What are you talking about? Zhen En cannot just stay epksode she was and went to pry about the operation.

She seems so unsure and Ou Chen starts to feel perturbed.

Summer’s Desire Episode 12

As sonopsis and hate entangle with confusion, how will this love triangle unfold? He gets riled up and warns Xi Meng not to make up some lies. For love, Luo Xi tries to commit suicide. This drama is just plain twisted.


If he could just fast-forward everything, he would. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He asks if Xiao Cheng wants him to give the papers to his sister instead. Well, as far as Ou Chen is concerned, a divorce is the only way for Xiao Cheng to agree with the desjre. Log in with Email. And now, sister is also sick. My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 9 Recap.

Xia Mo is back to their old house. And again Xia Mo convinces him that she is indeed very happy. Karma will surely come. And the story about the green lace unfolds. Luo Xi refuses to believe peisode lies.

Drama Taiwan: Summer’s Desire (2010) Subtitle Indonesia

I don’t know if the website’s still up. My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 16 Recap. He smiles and says sorry for saying something stupid. Their eyes locked and a moment of silence passed.

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Xiao Cheng agreed to the surgery only because summmer offered to give her a divorce. And out of anger, she tries to slap Xia Mo. And then the shocking news.