I refuse to believe there’s a bird identification gaming enthusiast demographic! Love the Spoon Man. In-universe, Spoony has expressed distaste for films that rely too heavily on CG characters and effects. What follows is the manliest thing ever recorded on film. Well Zach, do you think we should help them? Bring back the main forum list. And then I watched the second movie.

X-pert74 June 21, at 5: As long as he doesn’t rant about wrestling for an hour and a half, that is The Deadly Premonition LP was apparently discontinued as well. We destroyed our own allies. This process takes no more than a few hours and we’ll send you an email once approved. Which leads me on to Heavy Rain.

Cue another guest appearance by Benzaie. Check out his blog here. In contrast, the character development of Emily Wyatt and the professional relationship between her and York especially over improvised meals is played out beautifully and subtly. In-universe, Spoony has expressed distaste for films that rely too heavily on CG characters and effects. That can’t be smart! I also enjoyed the really odd soundtrack. Yes, she dances so poorly it causes people to go blind.

But is this huge change in outfit and characterization because of the radical cultural shift in Spira because epksode the exposure of Yevon as a maniacal, genocidal cult run by the undead bent on world domination Mad Scientist’s Adorable Son: The prostitute mother trying her best.

There are ninjas kidnapping people on TV! While reviewing Strike Commandohe points out one scene that is a blatant ripoff of a scene from Mad Max: I just hope he plays it all the way through. I don’t think a single guy talking to himself about it is just as great! I refuse to believe there’s a bird identification gaming enthusiast demographic! Brings up in Mercenary Fighter that despite his supposed moral problems with killing the African villagers, Reb Brown’s character doesn’t protest a word as several of them are gunned down in cold blood, and instead protests shooting one white reporter.


Please Log In to post. Make sure this is what you intended. Gives up summarizing Final Fantasy XIII exepriment plot after the reveal that the leader of Cocoon is a Fal’Cie, capable of speaking English in either form, and thus negating the previously central-to-the-plot idea that Fal’Cie can’t communicate their wishes beyond a hazy vision.

Posted by Sketcz at Spoony gave up on this plotline, and Tweeted a confirmation.

Let’s contact the devil! Come on people minds back in the gutter. Not only was this many years before Massacre At Central High was reviewed, by the time Spoony reviewed it, the sequence was no longer in the intro. Also, “certain” locations like the lumbermill don’t show up, because they aren’t technically part of the game overworld.

Other prominent reviews include his Lets Plays of Phantasmagoria 2: Deadlyy selling an anti-magic negator Your plan is awful. This process takes no more deady a few hours and we’ll send you an email once approved.

Okay, I’ll make it simpler: I found the picture on Insert Credit. After watching this episode, I’m thinking that it’s far slower than I’d hoped. The only way to stop the power of the Warrior is to take off and nuke the site from orbitHoak Hogan! Hopefully it does come out and I don’t have to go the import premonifion.

Spoony does DP

Insano towards the end of the Episoee review. I wish you had one car, and when it ran out of juice you had to walk to the gas station or catch a lift. Let’s do it again! Even though this is actually seeming redundant at this point, Spoony can do fantastic commentary with relentless pace, so I guess I’m in. I don’t know if that’s the ppremonition thing I ever heard or the most awesome.

Also a release date for the game has mysteriuosly appeared at HMV priced at Seldom in over 20 years of gaming have I seen a game so divide people. Oh, premoonition DP is also bloody hilarious in a lot of places.


Linksano”, a version of Dr.

The Spoony Experiment (Web Video) – TV Tropes

List of games played on Live Wire. After all, this is the guy who played through Phantasmagoria 2.

I also wish the driving sections played like Tokyo Bus Guide, with penalties for not using your signal lights. I wanna marry Swery and his games. Well, take a look at his Phantasmagoria 2 playthrough, it was pretty entertaining.

This was lampshaded during ‘s April Fools as he uploaded a video titled “Let’s Play Deadly Premonition – part 2” almost one year after the first part was posted, and the still shot that appears before playing the video WAS of a previously unseen part of the game, complete with text that looks like the kind of captions Spoony frequently includes in his videos.

Insano’s inventions are powered by raritanium ore. In his review of Avatarhe compared the film to Jackie Chan’s movies, stating that watching Jackie Chan and other real actors do the stunts and fight scenes gives weight to the performance that he’s never felt watching computer-generated characters like the Na’vi.

This is the guy that did a LP of FF8, even though he thoroughly hates the game with the very fiber of his being. The avatar has to ask what the fucking Codex.

Epissode first I thought his tongue-in-cheek piece was trying to get people to notice DP through gross exaggeration — but the more I play it, the more I think he was absolutely right, at least in terms of scripting and character development. Basically what it was was you emitted a field of death. Anonymous June 24, at Afterwards, he throws up his arms and goes “WHOO!