Know that I will not allow you to leave me and go like this after we get married. I am sorry for every one of you in the behalf of my father. I cannot get off the subject. Eeeeeh, I will do it for you every evening when we are married, Mahir Kara. Does something happened to Nazif? And unfortunately, I learned from them what it means to be a family.

Let us all have breakfast together then she can go to work after that. I only write the letter then withdraw and not interfere with the rest. We have to do anything to convince him otherwise we will not succeed. They closed the sop this morning with two police officers. Do not darken your heart right away. We did not even understand why they closed the shop. Was she not engaged? When the channel started its telecast, it presented the programs in a blend of both local and foreign content.

They have been waiting. Yes, but they made us feel regret in the most beautiful day for us. Anyway, let us get to the plan that I came up karadyai for Mahir and Feride.

It gets broadcasted from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. My only desire when I grew up was to karqdayi a person that benefited their country like you.

URDU 1 hosts and sponsors fashion related walk, shows, magazines, and other stuff related to the promotion of fashion in the country. Mum, do not stand in front of me, I will break your heart with this anger. There cannot be a place more beautiful, more meaningful than here, Mahir.

In these days, every other channel airs almost the same urddu oft-repeated stories in their dramas. Write your claim brother and complain. We are drams with friends now, I am also passing by their place.


It means that you are saying that I put on the ring. URDU 1 is a channel for the general entertainment of episoee Urdu speakers. Nazif Baba arrive at the bar I am saying that if it is possible for Mahir to come with us, to join us?

This franchise holds big cooking competitions all across the world. Do not darken your heart right away. Because I cannot stand to have my name mentioned with a gangster.

But the biggest inheritance you leave your children is actually not your bakery. This dtama paved new ways of success for URDU 1 channel. Karadayi is a tale of love, drama and action, featuring Kenan Imirzalioglu the biggest star of Turkey as Mahir and the beautiful Berguzar Korel as Feride. Maybe the documents disappeared. You better ask your father.

Do you think I would bother myself this far for something I am not sure of? URDU 1 has this Moto to provide viewers with premium quality content and to successfully take itself as well as the Pakistani entertainment to new the heights. Mahir can not rest until he seeks justice for his father, who was wrongly accused of a murder. Do they know about the wedding date? Vidpk — Pakistani Entertainment Portal. Because I do not want my sadness karadati my anger to urdh on you.

Cheers for the return of Nazif baba and the marriage of my dear brother. I am telling you that I have not received any warning.

We will open a shop for my son. It does not suit Mahir to go there as if he is the son-in-law joining the house. By the way, You stayed at their house and sat on their table.

Karadayi – Episode 77 Full – Urdu1 Drama -31 March 2014

We are even going today to reserve a kqradayi for the wedding ceremony. Last time I was surprised when your friend said that you will leave the house.


My only issue is to make your face smile. Look, you write this in your mind, you are a good man, honest and you do not wrong anyone. We went to the city hall and talked to them. The show gives a chance to all the fashion fans and followers of the country to get to know about the latest fashion trends and styles.

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If it needs to be closed, it will close. They have not been seeing each other since they put on the rings. Where does she go out and with who The bureaucracy is for the people, yet it is very far from the people, Mahir. Why would this be an impediment. The shop has been opened for 8 years now.

But, keep the package closed thus we know if he will open it or not. Know that I will not allow you to leave me and go like this after we get married. You are saying it is closed and that is it, right?

I do not think there is a problem. He is curious about it, shakes it, smells it, tries to get a feel of what is inside Unfortunately, these things happen. The channel is held and owned by a famous media company. It means that they are in need I will be late.